Used Capsule Checkweigher Machines

Federal Equipment's checkweigher machines are used to meet exact weight specifications for tablets and capsules being processed. With a variety of manufacturing choices from IMA, Fette, CI Electronics, Garvins, and more, our used checkweighers can meet your exact tablet or capsule weight measures with a high accuracy of +1/+2 to -1/-2 grams.

Our checkweigher machines are stainless steel and come with an air reject feature to make sure that weight comes to the nearest gram and the excess is expelled from the machine. Also, our units vary from one manufacturer to another on length of belt feeder, capacities being measured and output speed. Some of our checkweigher machines can handle up to 600/minute with the in feed and out feed side bump belt features offered with our Sartorius Checkweigher models.

Our used checkweighers are most commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Federal Equipment Company, the trusted name in used processing equipment, provides quality used industrial and process equipment at competitive prices.

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